Saturday, August 20, 2011

Getting Ready

Veteran Cascade Crest runner and volunteer Mark Greenberg loads his big truck with aid station supplies.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

2011 Trail Work for Entrants

Answers to a few questions about the trail work requirement for Cascade Crest:

-Where can I complete my trail work?
Wherever it is convenient based on your schedule and location.

-Can I do it on my own?
We expect you to do trail work through an organization like the Forest Service, Washington Trails Association or a similar state or local government or non-profit organization in your area. If you want clarification from us just ask.

-Does the trail I work on have to be part of a race?

-Can I volunteer at a race instead?
No. While we strongly encourage runners to volunteer at races, we expect all entrants to complete 8 hours of trail work.

-Why the focus on trail work?
Trail work makes a difference for non-running trail users. By improving trails in your area you make a contribution towards all sorts of trail recreation.

-How do I report my trail work?
You'll do that via the website. We'll have you tell us the location, the date and the name and email of a contact at the organization you helped out.

-Will there be organized work parties around Seattle and Easton?
There are plenty of great opportunities around Seattle to help maintain and restore trails. We encourage you to consider events organized by EarthCorps and WA Trails Association. Work party details are updated frequently on their websites.

Other questions? Leave a comment and send us an email and we'll get them answered.