Friday, September 3, 2010

Photos and Race Reports

We will use this post to add links to photos and race reports as you send them our way. You can leave links in the comments and we will add them to the body of the post.

Photos by Glenn Tachiyama from Tacoma Pass and Thorp Mtn. Glenn has become one of the most accomplished chroniclers of trail running in the country. We are lucky to have him at Cascade Crest each year. Rainier was hidden from view on Sunday morning from the climb to Thorp Mtn but Glenn got some fantastic shots of the foggy sunrise.

Photos from John Morelock who volunteered at Cole Butte (10m) and at French Cabin (88m). If you have not been on the course before John's photos and captions will give you a good sense for the terrain in the early miles.

Race report from Michael Chastain who finished in 25:00:37. Mike ran with his Garmin the whole way and has a great map of the course as a result.

Race report from BJ Haeck may make you want to wear a helmet next year for the trip over Kecheelus Ridge.

Race report from winner and new course record-holder Jeff Browning. Attack owls and playground accidents could not deter Jeff scorching the Central Cascades.

Photos by Andrew Peet from the Lake Kachess aid station. Yes Phil, that is a flowing chocolate fountain.


Sara said...

Thanks for sharing. Looks like the link to John's photos isn't working or it is password protected.

Charlie said...

Sara, thanks for the note. John unlocked access to his photos so the link will work now.


mike said...

I have been meaning to post this Charlie but I have not gotten the chance. Anyway as always volunteers were more than helpfual and everyone was happy to be out. Unfortunately the flagging and I did not seem to find ourselves going in the same direction I managed to go straight when I should have turned right but the orange flagging you were using was the same that had been left on the course from a different event. Anyway, long story short I managed to see portions of the course that were just as beautiful as the actual course itself without actually having to follow the course itself. I dropped at 20ish after seeing more along the lines of 30ish. Not to worry it was about enjoying the moment but I would like to make a suggestion or two. First, raise rates if you need to but be a little more liberal with the flagging and if possible use 2 colors bunched together so that hte course may be a little easier to follow. I realize it is every runner's responsibility to know the course but a little help times would not jurt as well. I love the course, I love the people, especially the volunteers that rock out and help everyone through I just wanted to offer a little constructive criticism but please do not take it the wrong way. You run any excellent race with a dynamic phenomenal support cast behind you.

Thanks, Mike James

Amy said...

Good race report, the pictures are great and look like that the race is tough. Thanks for sharing us detailed race report like this.