Saturday, August 30, 2008

Back on the Trail

How sweet was it being back on the trails yesterday? For months we've been out there with a specific mission, like scouting the course or training for a race. Not that those runs don't have their own interest. But this time we were there just to be among the towering cedars, to breathe the cold fresh air. We hit Melakwa Lake first thing in the morning, pointed ourselves towards the Tuscohatchies, then climbed up and past Pratt Lake on an invigorating 14-mile point-to-point that's due east of the Cascade Crest course. With us were prior finishers Jenny Uehisa ('07), and Marlis DeJongh ('05), who helped out at this year's Snowshoe Butte aid station. Nothing like being in the mountains just to be in the mountains. Check out Cheri Gillis' Fifty Trail Runs in Washington for details on this run, plus a few good ones that get onto the Cascade Crest course.

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