Friday, August 29, 2008

Christmas in August

This year's Hyak aid station drew rave reviews. Hyak was organized by runner Rob Hester and Paul Morrison from Bonney Lake Fleet Feet, and staffed by members of the Puyallup Y Run Club, including George Koski, Monica & Mike Bloom, Linda & Rich Walter, Lesa & Dave Overfield, Abi Brownell, Tom Gibson, Jenny Appel, and Melissa Martin. As runner Joseph Tompkins wrote, "I sure didn't expect Christmas in August! The atmosphere was uplifting. That, with a fresh wardrobe, a double-shot of espresso and some solid fuel, I was on my way for the second half." Another commented that Hyak was just like aid stations at Western States. Terrific job by these South Sound runners! Photos by Jenny Appel.

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Laura H said...

Nice pics! I have a few (three total) from No Name but not of the fabulous 80s theme we had going. James's acid wash jeans were to die for!