Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Guy Behind the Lens

Glenn Tachiyama is heading to Greece to shoot his speedy pals Lisa Bliss and Scott Jurek, the latter of whom is chasing three in a row at the Spartathalon. Could one of Glenn's photographs become the next cover of a glossy you know and love? The odds would seem strong. It's a good chance to mention just how much of a contribution Glenn makes to the sport of ultrarunning here in the Pacific Northwest. For starters, we wonder whether Cascade Crest would have gotten so popular so fast without his pics, which help keep the story alive long afterwards. Good old Glenn says that he just takes pictures to document and share the chapters in his life with his family and friends, and I don't think he's being falsely modest. But I also don't think it's overreaching to say that Glenn's pictures have become an important piece of the history and memory of the sport. We just can't recognize this guy enough.


Nic said...

Long before my first marathon I stumbled on to Glenn's site and found my self day dreaming of some day running beautiful races like White River, Capitol Peaks, and Cascade Crest. His photos inspire me, they initially piqued my interest in trail & ultra running and continue to inspire me.

Beyond all this, his photos appearing online, unfiltered, for free, remain just another shining example of how great this sport, and the people involved in it, are.

Great post Audrey, and thank you Glenn!

Audrey said...

Nic, thanks for your comment. I think your sentiments are shared by many in the NW ultra community.

BenB said...

Yeah looking at Glenn's credentials, I know he must really enjoy being out there on the race courses as much as I do. A lot of ultra runners like to give back to the ultra running community, and what he does with his pictures is a huge compliment. Hopefully Glenn reads this and gets pumped up. I want to see him run a 100 someday:)

Journey to a Centum said...

Glenn is an awesome runner and photographer!

Bad news for Lisa... rolled her ankle on a 5 mile training run and is barely able to walk let alone run.

gtach said...

wow! thanks for the post and all the kind words! they are very much appreciated and it means a lot to me knowing that someone enjoys my view of the world.

ben...many have tried to convince me to run a 100, but i've never had the desire and desire is a critical element to a successful 100. i think i'll stick to the shorter runs.

audrey...can't wait to see the slideshow after i get back from greece, where everyday has been an adventure