Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tunnel Closure

The Seattle paper carried a story this week on the closure of several tunnels on the John Wayne trail. The longest of the tunnels closed for repairs is the one we use to get runners over to the Hyak aid station.

It is possible the tunnels will be reopened by August but that seems unlikely. We'll probably have a new route between Olallie Meadows (47m) and Hyak (53m) and it won't include a dripping, 2+ mile tunnel journey.


King Arthur said...

On the green trails map it looks like it shouldn't be too hard to work our way down to Hyak. I'm ready to go up there whenever you want.

jenny u said...

What? No tunnel section this year? That's where I "lost my sh*t" according to my pacer. If I wasn't doing UTMB this year, I'd be all over a tunnel-less CCC!!

Glen said...

I am also willing to scout out alternatives. Being really familiar with the ski areas there, it seems to me that staying on the PCT until it hits the Snoqualmie Summit ski area and then traversing gently downhill to Hyak could work well, using a mix of PCT and the various cat tracks and roads that are part of the ski area.