Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Postmark Your Entry on Feb. 9 or After

OK. Just a friendly reminder to NOT send in your entry form until February 9, 2009. Any that we receive prior to February 9 are being recycled and checks will be shredded.

If you messed up, just re-send your entry like the directions tell you to do, by US mail and postmarked no earlier than February 9, 2009.

We are accepting entries on a first come, first serve basis starting with the February 9 postmark. Thanks for your help in making this process as fair as possible.


King Arthur said...
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Rennaker said...

If I am put on the waiting list and/or don't happen to get in the race, what happens to my $195?

Joseph Lea said...

I've got a hunch you're going to see quite a few more entries this year than ever before. So, just to clarify, if you get more than 200 entries postmarked Feb 9th do you take the first 200 that arrive?


Charlie said...
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Charlie said...

If we receive entries after the race is full we will shred those checks and entry forms.

If we end up with more entries with the same postmark than we can accept we will do a random draw to fill the remaining spots in the race.

Joseph Lea said...

Thanks Charlie!