Sunday, January 31, 2010

Entry Details

This post contains details on how to submit an entry to the 2010 edition of Cascade Crest. Entering the run is a two step process!

Step One:
- Print and mail this simple entry form along with your check. (Mailing address is on the simple entry form.)

Step Two:
- Visit UltraSignUp and provide your entry details (contact info, shirt size etc.)

Entries will be accepted in the order they are sent based on postmark. You must mail in a check in order to be considered for entry. We are using Ultra Signup to ensure that your contact details are accurate and to avoid the need to manually enter details from paper entry forms.

We are requiring payment by check to avoid having to increase the cost of the race to cover credit processing fees. We are big fans of online entry to races but the cost imposed by Visa and MasterCard is material and either needs to be absorbed by the race or passed along via increased fees. We'd rather require a bit more work from you (tracking down a stamp, an envelope and your checkbook) and from us (processing the mail) and avoid the extra cost.

If you were a volunteer in 2009, you can mail your entry form and payment beginning on February 1. Otherwise, you can mail your entry form and payment no earlier than February 12.

Please let me know if you have questions or need clarification on the process and I will update these instructions accordingly. Thanks!

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Kendall K said...

Charlie, my check was in the mail on Monday. You may have it by now. I assume the volunteers will still need to meet the trail work requirement? Hows the baby doing? Kendall K.