Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Runner's Resolve

We're delighted to see that the Cascade Crest 100-Mile Endurance Run made a number of ultrarunners' 'Best Of 2009' lists, and it's fun hearing everyone's resolutions for the new year. Among the most inspiring comes from Cheri Redwine, who paced her husband Gary to a 28th place finish at the Cascade Crest 100 this past year.

The backstory: just three years ago, this mother of five was spending most of the day in her recliner, out of shape and on pain killers. Her doctors said she had fibromyalgia. Then she picked up Dean Karnazes' book and came to believe she could do better for herself. She hadn't run since childhood -- and she started with a twenty-minute mile.

Last year she finished the Where's Waldo 100K.

This year she goes for her first 100-mile finish.

We venerate our elite runners in ultrarunning, and deservedly so. Their accomplishments are so mind-bending, they sometimes seem to be of a different species altogether. But Cheri's story reminds us that every runner has their own deep history, their own personal demons and battles. Turning your life around like Cheri has done is truly something remarkable. Remember her when your new year's resolutions start to grow stale, and we'll see you out there on the trails.

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