Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lost Lake 50k

My wife graciously covered the home front today so I could slip up to Bellingham for the Lost Lake 50k. For those of you who have not run it (and that's most of you since there were around 35-40 runners this morning) you missed something really special. I feel like I discovered an unknown bar band that will be selling out Madison Square Garden in a couple of years.

The clear blue sky and high 60s temps made any outdoor activity more appealing but great weather aside, Lost Lake delivered everything that makes Northwest ultrarunning rewarding. Race Director Alvin Crain gave us miles of gorgeous single track, impeccable course marking, friendly competent volunteers and a semi-sadistic scenic detour for a close up view of the Lost Lake waterfall. The course and the logistics were stellar.

Lost Lake is challenging (34 miles and > 8k of climb), very pretty, and very well organized. Put it on your calendar for next year. You won't regret it.


Alvin Crain said...

Thanks for the Lost Lake 50K props Charlie! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

Runner8 said...

Anyone looking for a challenge promoted by a man who truly gives his all to everything he does must run this race. Alvin WILL NOT DISSAPOINT you. He will cover every corner and you will leave with great satisfaction. The trails are awesome, the course will be marked perfectly, with some great motivational/funny signs and the volunteers will make sure you are covered on all fronts! See you on the 7th!