Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Runner Update - July 6

Runners --

A few updates as the race approaches...

Entrants List (Refunds)

I updated the entrants list earlier today. If you've contacted me to withdraw from the run I will be processing refund checks later this week. Please note that the deadline to receive a partial refund has passed.

Trail Work

Please remember that all entrants are expected to complete 8 hrs of trail work as a condition of entry. We are quite flexible about where you do your trail work but it must be via an organized work party. Any sort of restoration work is acceptable; it does not have to specifically be work on a trail. If you have questions contact Charlie. You can submit your trail work details here.

Course Conditions
If you are out on the course and find anything interesting (i.e unexpected) let me know. There is still a decent amount of snow up high but since Seattle just went from March to July overnight the snow will be melting quickly in the days to come.

Tunnel (Still Closed)
Unfortunately there is no sign that the Snoqualmie Pass tunnel is going to reopen anytime soon. If anyone has information on the status of the tunnel and the Iron Horse Trail please let me know. We plan to route you up and over Snoqualmie Pass on a similar but slightly more humane route than the one we used last year.

Training Runs
The best way to share information on training runs is via the Cascade Crest Google group.

That is all for now. Send me your questions and I'll answer via the blog if topics apply to all runners.




accretion said...

My info is also that Snoq Pass isn't going to open anytime soon. A lot of time and $ is needed first to fix it.
What is thinking on trail route down from PCT to Hyak. Where will turn right/North and down to Hyak? :)
Zach McDonald

Charlie said...

Zach --

For an overview of the re-route check this post from last summer. The re-route will be almost the same. I'll modify the route down from the top of the ski hill as it was a bit hairy in the dark last year.

David said...

I did my trail work with Dwight Shrute. He was amazing. He has the strength of a full grown man and a little baby. We celebrated with some beet wine.