Sunday, August 1, 2010

White River 50

Yesterday's White River 50 miler down near Mt. Rainier was a fun preview for Cascade Crest. A number of this year's CCC entrants were out fine-tuning things on the White River trails, and we're looking forward to seeing how all that hard work will pay off.

It was great to catch up with many of the folks who've been involved with Cascade Crest in previous years as runners and volunteers, including Scott Railton, Dan Probst, Wendy Wheeler-Jacobs, Jeff Wright, Janet Rosenfeld, and Kent Holder. There isn't a bright line between who's a runner and who's a volunteer at Cascade Crest lately. So many folks have done both, and we're proud of that.

Below is Pat Ackley, an '07 finisher who volunteered in '08 and '09, assisting Jenny Uehisa, an '07 finisher and '08 volunteer, at Buck Creek aid station. Photo of start above thanks to Glenn Tachiyama.

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