Thursday, August 20, 2009

Re-route of section from Olallie to Hyak

For those who must know where they are headed... The map above shows the old and the new routes from Olallie to Hyak. If you buy the new Green Trails map of Snoqualmie Pass (available at Seattle Running Co. or at REI) you'll be able to reference this picture and see the contour lines more clearly. The course change was necessitated by the closure of the Snoqualmie Pass tunnel which we've used for the past 10 years. The new route has approx. 650' of bonus climb (and descent). To satisfy James Varner there is a section with some less then ideal footing. The new route takes you over the top of Snoqualmie Pass and offers spectacular views of Guye Peak and the Gold Creek Valley although most of you will have to take my word for since you'll be on the top of the Pass in the dark.

I hope you enjoy the new terrain. I enjoyed piecing it together. Thanks to James and William Worrell for pre-running the first version of this route to help me realize it needed to be harder.

Complaints about additional difficulty and ruined PRs should be addressed to James Varner and mailed to the Easton Fire Department.

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Charlie said...

The Hyak aid station is in the same location as past years.

My map is a bit confusing as I opted not to draw the 'old route' (yellow line) all the way around and under I-90.